The Trumans & The Church

Bess Wallace, and probably her mother and brothers too, began attending Trinity Episcopal Church sometime between 1901 and 1903. She married Harry Truman here on June 28, 1919. Margaret Truman was also married at Trinity Episcopal Church, on April 21, 1956. “May the success of this church be a continuing one,” Truman wrote late in life. (Handwritten manuscript, November 1, 1959.)

Above is the very speech that the president read during the ceremony.

1878 Trinity Episcopal Church built in Independence, Missouri.
1903 (May 8th) Elizabeth “Bess” Virginia Wallace confirmed at Trinity Episcopal Church by the Right Reverend Edward Atwill.
1919 (June 28th) Harry S. Truman and Elizabeth “Bess” Virginia Wallace wee married at Trinity Episcopal Church.
1956 (April 21st) Margaret Truman and E. Clifton Daniel were married at Trinity Episcopal Church.
1959 President Truman delivered a short address at the dedication of the Trinity Episcopal Church’s new wing.
1982 (October 21st) Funeral services for Bess W. Truman were held at Trinity Episcopal Church.